2019 Finalist


AGE: 22
GAME: Project Cars
COMPETITION: 2018 SMS-R Championship
TWITTER: @khakiSimracing

This or that

Which do you prefer?

Wet or Dry: Dry
Qualifying or Race: Race
GT or Single Seater: GT
Coffee or Energy Drink: Coffee
Sprint Race or Endurance: Sprint Race
Traction Control On or Off: Off
Race at Night or Day: Day

When did you start gaming, how old were you, and what was the game?

I started gaming when I was five years old, falling in love in racing games right off the bat! I got a birthday present which was a Gran Turismo 2, my first game ever, and this was the moment which affected my life really much, but I wasn’t aware about it then – I started to love racing and gaming, messing with the car setups and driving techniques when I was still was a preschooler!

When did you start sim racing, how old were you, and what was the game?

I got my first racing wheel at age 13 and this is when I’ve learned what “sim racing” does actually mean. rFactor was my first game which allowed me to experience clean, fair and competitive racing against other sim racers in my very first online racing league.

Favorite track in sim racing?

That’s a tough pick, I have so many of them, including Laguna Seca, Hockenheimring or Suzuka, but since I visited Circuit de-Spa Francorchamps for the 24 Hours of SPA and SRO esports sim racing competition, I immediately fell in love in this track, so it easily became my favourite one! Nothing can beat the mighty Eau Rouge in the night!

Favorite car in sim racing?

For me, it would be Porsche 911 GT3R – seems to be a tricky car to handle, but feels very well balanced once you start to understand it and adapt to it’s driving characteristics. I really enjoy comparing this car across all sim racing titles for benchmark. And who wouldn’t love the sound of flat-six boxer engine?

Dream real-life road car?

Honda NSX NA1, the “old” one, is the best definition of perfect, pure Japanese sports car in my opinion. It’s a raw, brilliantly designed and beautiful car, perfectly suitable for a race track due to great handling ability and mid-engine design. Became my dream car many years ago and nothing changed till this day! Although I’m aware it’s a very rare and expensive car, I still believe I will have the pleasure of trying my dream car!

Favorite real-world motorsport championship?

Back then, I was a huge fan of 90’s DTM, there was something magical in these brutal, raw machines! I still love watching old footages of unbelievably close racing action of DTM’s on youtube! Since I started competitive sim racing with GT3 cars becoming my favourite ones, Blancpain GT Series is my favourite up-to-date real world motorsport racing series.

Circuit you would most like to drive for real?

I’ve driven countless amount of kilometers on Hockenheimring in sim racing, achieving a lot of victories in a lot of races there. I’m very fast and consistent in basically any type of car on this track, so it’s a perfect track to check if I could maintain shifting my sim racing skills into the reality.

Car you would most like to drive for real?

Very difficult choice, as being the racing fan and sim racer I would love to try so many different cars – GTs, tourings, open-wheel, classics or even rally cars. I can imagine they all provide whole different exciting experiences! But sticking to GT3s, as it’s my favourite sim racing and real world racing series, I would pick up the Mercedes-AMG GT3, my Project Cars favourite!

Real-world motor racing hero?

Our first and the only one Polish F1 driver, Robert Kubica, is definitely my real racing hero, who has showcased unbelievable determination and courage, proving the world that nothing, not even a serious injury, can stop him from doing what he really loves.