2019 Finalist


AGE: 19
GAME: Assetto Corsa
COMPETITION: 2019 ADAC Sim Racing Series

This or that

Which do you prefer?

Wet or Dry: Wet
Qualifying or Race: Race
GT or Single Seater: GT
Coffee or Energy Drink: Energy Drink
Sprint Race or Endurance: Sprint Race
Traction Control On or Off: Off
Race at Night or Day: Day

When did you start gaming, how old were you, and what was the game?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact date, but probably when I was around 6 or so, playing TOCA Race Driver 3 on the Playstation 2.

When did you start sim racing, how old were you, and what was the game?

I started when I was 13 after trying out karting for a bit, but due to money we couldn’t progress to a higher level. I looked at alternatives and signed up to iRacing, and have now been doing it for over 6 years.

Favorite track in sim racing?

Either Silverstone or COTA. I love the esses sections of these tracks and have always had very good pace at both tracks on the sim. I have also had the privilege to drive Silverstone in real life, which is always amazing.

Favorite car in sim racing?

At the moment, the iRacing Porsche 911 Cup car. It’s incredibly tricky to drive on the limit, which makes it even more satisfying when you nail a lap in it.

Dream real-life road car?

There’s a few, but two that stick out are the Aston Martin DB11 and McLaren 720S.

Favorite real-world motorsport championship?

MotoGP for me, it is just super exciting to watch and there never seems to be a boring race.

Track you would most like to drive on for real?

Probably Spa-Francorchamps, I’ve raced there a huge amount on the sim but I think it would be just another level of awesome to drive it in real life.

Car you would most like to drive for real?

There isn’t really a specific car I would like to drive, just something fast!

Real-world motor racing hero?

Michael Schumacher, I was too young to watch him much when I was growing up but I always admire his driving whenever looking back at onboards of when he was racing.